A special, new-build residential tower, a slender structure 45 metres in height, will house 30 apartments and two penthouses, ranging in size from approx. 104 to 252 m². Situated on Oosterkerkstraat, with views of Leiden city centre and the Meelfabriek garden and square.

The Singeltoren will consist of three linked towers of different heights, which will harmonise the diversity and composition of the present buildings with their surroundings. Splitting the building into three volumes gives the Singeltoren a sleek, elegant look, making it a subtle addition to the Leiden skyline.

Overzicht Singeltoren De Meelfabriek
Overview of De Meelfabriek

The windows will extend from floor to high ceiling, providing magnificent views of the beautiful city and the Zijlsingel canal. Modern, streamlined detailing of concrete, glass and aluminium will give the tower its own unique identity, blending in perfectly with the industrial character of De Meelfabriek.

The foundations have already been laid as part of the construction of the underground car park, which was started in September 2018. This three-storey facility will accommodate more than 300 cars, providing enough parking to meet the needs of De Meelfabriek as a whole. This will ensure that the site remains traffic-free, creating space for the garden, the square and pedestrian areas.

Impression, 3 apartements of the Singeltoren
Specifications, prices and registration form now available.