Situated in the specially designed slender residential tower, reaching a height of 45 meters, are 30 apartments and 2 penthouses. Located on Oosterkerkstraat, with views of the Leiden city center, the Meelfabriek Garden and Square, and the Singel canal – hence the name.

The Singeltoren consists of three interconnected towers of varying heights, blending in with the diversity and composition of the surrounding buildings. The division into three volumes gives the Singel Tower a sleek and elegant appearance, making a subtle addition to the skyline of Leiden.

A modern and clean detailing of concrete, glass, and aluminium gives the tower its own identity that seamlessly fits with the industrial character of the Meelfabriek. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide a magnificent view of the beautiful city and the Zijlsingel canal. The high-quality glass insulation (A+++) ensures low energy consumption and sound comfort. The building utilizes its own ground sources for sustainable energy supply. The ground floor houses the entrance to the parking garage and commercial space with an open character, enhancing the connection with the surroundings.

The Singeltoren is constructed on top of the underground parking garage. The load-bearing structure of the tower itself is formed solely by the facade columns and the elevator core, allowing for highly flexible interior layouts that can be adapted according to the user’s preferences.

The foundation has already been laid with the construction of the underground parking garage in 2018. The parking garage, with three levels, meets the total parking demand of the Meelfabriek and accommodates over 300 cars. This ensures that the site remains car-free, providing space for a garden, square, and pedestrian area.

Completion 2022

Overzicht Singeltoren De Meelfabriek
Overview of De Meelfabriek