Located between the Singel canal and the Meelfabriek Square, the Meelpakhuis will feature 12 lofts and 8 penthouses. The transformation of this national monument from 1937 is truly unique. The design is an unequivocal response to the question of what makes a monument a monument. A critical perspective and the courage to not take the easiest path are essential in this regard. The result is a design that showcases the monumental elements and industrial loft atmosphere alongside contemporary luxury and sustainable residential comfort.

The Meelpakhuis was constructed in a functionalist architectural style, designed by B. Buurman. As the name suggests, this building used to store flour. Given the weight of all that flour, mushroom-shaped columns were installed for support. To highlight the distinctive rhythmic structure of these powerful columns, the facade of the building is stripped away, and a slightly recessed glass facade is installed. This allows the column structure to be visible from the outside, providing future residents with ample light and a phenomenal view of Leiden.

To create a distinctive loft atmosphere, the interior keeps the columns as free as possible while incorporating all the necessary amenities for optimal living comfort. The glass facade is extended above the building, creating three additional floors with unique penthouses, each featuring 2 or 3 units. Through the choice of materials and design, the modern new extension forms a fascinating unity with the original structure.

The ground floor and the first floor will be dedicated to an innovative commercial and cultural concept. With views over the Singel canal and the Meelfabriek Square, it will be a gem within the complex of De Meelfabriek.

Construction start 2021 – completion 2024.

FACADE DRAWING - Singelside: south-east and square side: north-west
Overzicht De Meelfabriek - Meelpakhuis
Overview of De Meelfabriek