The Silo Building is composed of three parts, with the oldest part dating from 1907 and the other two from 1937 and 1938. It is considered the first concrete silo building in our country. The building is situated on the Meelfabriek Square and the Singel. From the waterfront, the sloping white plastered facade stands out because of its remarkable detailing. In form and use of materials, the building is a now rare building from the pioneering phase of reinforced concrete construction.

Overzicht Silogebouw De Meelfabriek
Overview of De Meelfabriek

The Silogebouw will house ‘the place to sleep’ in Leiden: Hotel De Meelfabriek. ‘Meelfabriek’ means ‘flour mill’, so anyone booking a room there will be sleeping in a place where many tons of flour used to be stored. The concrete silos will be opened up and transformed into special rooms and short-stay apartments, offering robust accommodation with a charming interior. Guests will still experience the authenticity of the former mill while enjoying the luxury of a contemporary 4-star hotel.

The upper floors will house a Skybar, a restaurant and a unique venue for events, creating a new landmark on the top of the Silogebouw. The familiar S-shaped block building will be retained and will soon accommodate a suite with fabulous views of Leiden.


The future horeca entrepeneur

Corina Waaijer, director of Fine Hotels & Suites: “Connecting my passion for hospitality with my love of beautiful buildings is the common thread in my search for new hotels.” With that passionate approach, combined with the knowledge and experience, De Meelfabriek is very excited to partner with this hotel collection from Dutch soil.

The Meelfabriek hotel will have over 125 rooms. Through unique architectural interventions you will actually sleep in the old silo chambers in an atmosphere that is determined by the raw concrete of yesteryear combined with the luxury of a contemporary 4-star hotel. Those who book a room will be sleeping in the place where tons of flour were once stored. With a lovely rooftop where you can eat and drink, combined with the liveliness of the ground floor, this will be the place to be. De Meelfabriek and Fine Hotels & Suites, together with Studio Akkerhuis, Van der Wiel Bouw and More Interiormanagement, are now working out all the plans in detail.

The great overlap in core values confirm that Fine Hotels and Suites and De Meelfabriek have found the right partner in each other to make De Meelfabriek a unique meeting place for residents and visitors, for locals and tourists. A place that will be the history and future of the city once the doors open in 2024.

Fotograaf: GDandP. Ab van der Wiel, Corina Waaijer en Bart Akkerhuis
Silogebouw De Meelfabriek
Impression facade Silogebouw
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