The former Molengebouw and the former Riffellokaal are being converted into exquisite lofts, creating beautiful spaces in which the characteristic old steel structures remain visible. The bright, spacious lofts – starting from 100 m² – have high ceilings, some up to 5 metres. An ultramodern penthouse with a roof garden will be added on top of these two listed buildings. 

Most of the lofts were completed in March 2020.

Overzicht Molengebouw en Riffellokaal De Meelfabriek
Overview of De Meelfabriek

On the ground floor, there is space for speciality shops, workshops and eateries. These will be adjacent to the Meelfabriek garden, the square and Maalderijstraat leading to the Singelpark, a beautiful passageway exuding a true Manhattan feel because of its industrial vibe.

Both the Molengebouw (1947) and the Riffellokaal (1937) were once filled with machinery that was used to grind and process grain. To successfully convert old factory buildings into housing, each step needs to be carefully thought through, adapting to modern requirements while retaining the historical, industrial character. For example, the beautiful steel structure remains visible and has undergone special fire-retardant and insulating treatment. The brickwork and pointing have been restored. The lovely slender window frames have been carefully removed, restored, fitted with insulating glass and reinstalled. The original wooden ceiling elements have been retained wherever possible.

Impressie 2 lofts in het Molengebouw en 3 lofts in het Riffellokaal
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