There is considerable interest in art and culture, and a large area will therefore be set aside for this purpose at De Meelfabriek. These flexible spaces can be used for contact and debate, exhibitions, events and workshops, and also an intimate film theatre. The programme can vary from a fashion show by Oso Couture, which will have a store and workshop here, to a philosophy club meeting. Other options include a conference centre and an exhibition venue for the art stored in Leiden’s many museums. The activities will be interwoven through all of the buildings and through the different uses of the site. For example, the lower floors of the Meelpakhuis will be a place where people can meet and enjoy beautiful products and great events.

The distinctive buildings are already very much in demand as an inspiring backdrop for various productions and festivals. This will be developed further on the special Art & Culture dedicated Ketelhuis. The highlight of this building is the dome. This intimate space will house a very special film theatre. The venue will also attract the business market.