The Silogebouw will house ‘the place to sleep’ in Leiden: Hotel De Meelfabriek. ‘Meelfabriek’ means ‘flour mill’, so anyone booking a room there will be sleeping in a place where many tons of flour used to be stored. The concrete silos will be opened up and transformed into special rooms and short-stay apartments, offering robust accommodation with a charming interior. Guests will still experience the authenticity of the former mill while enjoying the luxury of a contemporary 4-star hotel. 

The upper floors will house a Skybar, a restaurant and a unique venue for events, creating a new landmark on the top of the Silogebouw. The familiar S-shaped block building will be retained and will soon accommodate a suite with fabulous views of Leiden. 

Overzicht Silogebouw De Meelfabriek
Overzicht De Meelfabriek
Silogebouw De Meelfabriek