The Silogebouw will house ‘the place to sleep’ in Leiden: Hotel De Meelfabriek. ‘Meelfabriek’ means ‘flour mill’, so anyone booking a room there will be sleeping in a place where many tons of flour used to be stored. The concrete silos will be opened up and transformed into special rooms and short-stay apartments, offering robust accommodation with a charming interior. Guests will still experience the authenticity of the former mill while enjoying the luxury of a contemporary 4-star hotel. 

Overzichtsplattegrond De Meelfabriek in Leiden Silogebouw
Overview of De Meelfabriek

The upper floors will house a Skybar, a restaurant and a unique venue for events, creating a new landmark on the top of the Silogebouw. The familiar S-shaped block building will be retained and will soon accommodate a suite with fabulous views of Leiden. 

Plans are currently being finalised with a team of construction project managers and architects. These will cover both interior and exterior, as well as the partnership with Vondel Hotels. 

De Gevel doorsnede. Hotel De Meelfabriek in het Silogebouw, De Meelfabriek Leiden.