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VVKH Architecten

How we are, what we do, what we want

We are VVKH architects, based in the historical ‘Witte Poortkazerne’ (Noordeinde 2e) in Leiden. Spring 2018 we will move to the former Executive Office (Directiekantoor) of De Meelfabriek.

For several decades we have proved to be an enthusiastic, committed and knowledgeable partner in the construction process. Ronald Knappers and Gerrit-Jan van Rijswijk are the architects | owners of the office, working with a team of highly trained and experienced staff.

Our office stands for architectural and structural quality, careful detailing, precise anchoring in the area and a clear organization. Our portfolio is diverse and ambitious and includes both large urban designs and new buildings and renovation projects. We are working on residential and commercial buildings, such as city parks, shopping centers, fire stations, schools, health care buildings. Building in the downtown area we find equally challenging as designing projects in the “free” space.

Special new projects are:
-    parking garage in the centre (Garenmarkt) of Leiden
-    villa Meijendel in Wassenaar
-    apartments (het Plantsoen) in Leiden
-    transformation office to hotel in Hoofddorp
-    community school in Utrecht
-    shopping center in Eindhoven.

The office will move in the spring of 2018 to the industrial complex ‘de Meelfabriek’ in Leiden. We therefore focus on a new future in which we respond to a changing world and architecture. We realize that we need to find new ways to achieve more sustainable solutions. We explore new forms of collaboration and knowledge sharing through BIM and other forms of digital communication.

With the new accommodation we stay connected to the city of Leiden, where we link the local (historical context and patterns) with the global (inspiring diversity).

Contact VVKH Architects
T. 071-514 9957
E. info@vvkh.nl





Van Zessen Klaar

Temporarily housed in the Poortgebouwof De Meelfabriek by spring 2018 we will move to the former Director's Office (Directiekantoor).
We are Van Zessen Klaar. Thinkers who doing. We are advertisers in a new era. Rooted in Leiden, but actively where necessary. We work for well-known brands (national) government, education, solists and local heroes.

We are brand driven. Thinkers concept. Doers. Call us fanatical, call us cocky, but we look like anything beyond question. We like to think outside the box.

Design is in our DNA. Creation is in our blood. But no picture without a plan. That makes us a little rebellious. A little misfits. But honest. And, we are as loyal as a dog.

Contact Van Zessen Klaar
Oosterkerkstraat 18 - 20
2312 SN Leiden
You can contact us, phone 071 - 566 37 44
 or by e-mail project@v6k.nl


Gallery of Haeften

Gallery owner Angelique van Haeften works with the belief that music, art and culture are in any society. That is why they are actively joining the existing cultural life of Leiden and surroundings and open to cooperation. The Gatehouse offers Gallery of Haeften also houses the information and point of sale of De Meelfabriek. There are no marked spaces, the features and different disciplines in the building walk right into each other and are connected to each other. This creates social cohesion, one of the key pillars in De Meelfabriek.

Besides selling exhibitions Angelique van Haeften also organizes art-related activities.
Current information on current exhibitions, visit: www.galerievanhaeften.com

Contact Galerie van Haeften
Location 1. (By appointment only)
Oosterkerkstraat 18, 2312 SN Leiden

Location 2. (By appointment only)
'S Gravendijckseweg 60
2201 CZ Noordwijk

Phone:  06-42971073
E-mail: galerievanhaeften@ziggo.nl




Bizon Bike Company

This company will show you the special spots of Leiden. Experience special bike tours where you will see Leiden through the eyes of the local population.

Contact Bizon Bike Company
Oosterkerkstraat 18, 2312 SN Leiden.
Phone: 071-750 3184
E-mail: info@bizonbikecompany.nl



Escape-room Leiden

Find the hidden clues and escape within an hour from the room. A unique game where collaboration, communication and creativity is paramount.

Contact Escaperoom-leiden
Oosterkerkstraat 18, 2312 SN Leiden.
Phone: 071-750 3184
E-mail: info@escaperoom-leiden.nl

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