Singeltoren Leiden



Newly constructed Singeltoren will be a slender construction of 45 metres height, consisting of three towers linked together, containing 30 apartments and 2 penthouses. With an apartment in Singeltoren you will be the proprietor of a part of Leiden’s skyline. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide grandiose views on the beautiful town and on Zijlsingel. The ca. 104 -252 square metre apartments are of flexible lay-out and it is possible to combine several apartments into one larger unit.

Modern, well-defined detailing in concrete, glass and aluminium adds identity to a tower that blends seamlessly into the industrial character of the historic flour mill site. Generous ceiling heights (2.75 m) and high-grade finishes radiate the tower’s luxurious and international character. The emphasis is on sustainable materials and energy-efficient installations, such as sustainable heat pump technology combined with underfloor heating. An overall efficiency of up to 600% is possible with these installations. In addition to this a system of heat recovery from the mechanical air extraction as well as warm shower water drained from the apartments was chosen. Solar panels on top of the building provide electricity for the LED-lighting illuminating the communal areas.






  • Defining architecture
  • Sustainable installations such as solar panels, low-temperature underfloor heating and heat pump technology
  • Generous approximate estimates on kitchen and sanitary fittings and tiling
  • Apartments are of flexible lay-out and it is possible to combine several apartments into one larger unit

    Start of build: mid 2017, completion mid 2019