Construction phase

The end of 2016 we will start the first phase, the construction of apartments for Young Professionals. The initial preparatory work, such as clearing land, has already started.

September 2017 we will start with the construction of the new Singeltoren (Singeltower) with apartments of approximately 104-252 m2, followed by the redevelopment of the Molengebouw (Mill Building) and Riffellokaal (Rolling Hall) with about 30 lofts and special shops and galleries in the plinth. This coincides with the redevelopment of the Kantoorgebouw (Executive Office) en Poortgebouw (Gate Building) with office spaces for creative businesses.

At present the second phase includes the hotel Azzurro Wellness, several office spaces and lofts. More information will follow shortly.

The stages:

Phase 1 Apartementen Young Professionals

Start of construction: eind 2016, completion medio 2018.

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Phase 1a Singeltoren

Apartments of approximately  104 - 252 m².
Start of construction: september 2017, completion mid 2020.
Only a few left for sale.

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Phase 1a Molengebouw en Riffellokaal

Lofts from 100m2 and penthouses.
Start building: september 2017, completion 2nd quarter 2019.
Only a few left for sale.

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Phase 1a Kantoorgebouw en Poortgebouw

Offices for creative companies.
Start building: end 2016, completion end 2017.

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Phase 2 Overige gebouwen

For the other buildings additional information will follow.
Start of redevelopment from 2019