Creative entrepeneurs

De Meelfabriek is looking for creative entrepreneurs. People who are not afraid to take a risk using innovative concepts. The thread which connects these thematic concepts are art and design, crafts and food and drink.

On the ground floor of the old Molengebouw (Mill Building) and Riffellokaal (Rolling Hall) is room for specialty shops, galleries, open work spaces for artists, a traditional food market, original shop-in-shop concepts, you name it. This area, determined by the industrial looks will resemble a bustling street in Manhattan or Madrid and is a major thoroughfare in the Singel Park which will attract many visitors.

Besides space for shops, galleries and restaurants, office space for creative businesses are available in several buildings of De Meelfabriek . Ateliers studios, workshops and space to meet and work together. No traditional offices, of which there are already enough.

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