Who is who in De Meelfabriek


Design, technologies and sustainable, all in one office building

The work on the office building (old management office) has been completed and the tenants have already moved into this beautiful building with its stately entrance. In recent months, a lot of work has been done on the restoration, renovation and the application of modern and sustainable comfort in the building. The tenants are a number of creative companies, including architectural firm VVKH, studio for design and concept development NPK, a start-up technology company that develops energy-efficient batteries and a volunteer cooperation that deals with 'ghost fishing', the fishing of abandoned fishing nets from the sea.

Het Poortgebouw becomes Dynamic

On the other side, after entering the grounds of De Meelfabriek, is the Poortgebouw, the former bicycle shed of the Meelfabriek. In the coming months, this building will be prepared for temporary completion by a number of unique people and companies. Bart Akkerhuis is currently organizing the space on the basis of the functions, the people and the possibilities. The intention is to create an open and dynamic whole. We are engaged in this with an enthusiastic lady for a Vegan Food lunchroom, a glamor barber, a landscape architect, a coffee roaster and Bizon Bikes that is already located in the Poortgebouw. Moreover, an open studio will be realized in the Poortgebouw where restoration, decoration work can take place of original Meelfabriek ornaments.