Who is who in De Meelfabriek


Design, technologies and sustainable, all in one office building

Upon arrival at the Meelfabriek grounds on your left, the Management Office is located. A monumental building with modern facilities where a number of creative companies work. Every special in their field, all with a clear link to the ideas of De Meelfabriek.

NPK Design - a team of designers, strategists and researchers with a passion for solving complex issues.
Studio VVHK - an architectural firm with enthusiastic, committed and skilled partners for residential and non-residential construction.
LeydenJar - this start-up is engaged in the development of pure silicon anodes and production technology, to promote the energy density of Li-ion batteries.
Ghost Fishing - a non-profit organization of divers who are involved in the removal of fishing nets worldwide and a broad promotion around the awareness of the problem.
OWN Agency - this advertising agency helps brands grow through creative work that sets people in motion.
GD & P - Graphic Design & Photography, the name is clear. Experience their enthusiasm from this nice agency itself.

Het Poortgebouw 

The latest hotspot of Leiden with a surprising mix of entrepreneurs

The Poortgebouw is located at the entrance of the Meelfabriek grounds directly on the right-hand side. Five enthusiastic entrepreneurs with different disciplines have started at this temporary location.

Atelier Kleurstof organizes various workshops and lessons in the field of sewing and crochet.
Het Slacht Huis, a vegan lunchroom with an offer that also favors non-vegans.
Joyce Goudswaard Garden Design and Advice. With a well thought-out design, your garden, large or small, can become a dream garden.
Coiffeur de la Porte, a hair salon with an extra eye for relaxation.
Bizon Events and Bizon Bike for events and rentals with sustainable mobility, from city bike trips to boat trips with electric sloop.
Judith Wouters uses her creative talent for restoration work and on / offline work.