Well-being, both physical and mental, is a key theme at De Meelfabriek. Long associated with hard work, the northern silo building (Silotoren) will now house wellness & beauty facilities, a large part of which will be occupied by Azzurro Wellness. Additionally, specialists such as beauticians, hairdressers, dietitians, physiotherapists and psychologists can set up business there. Several units are still available.

Wellness & beauty, Azzurro Wellness in De Meelfabriek Leiden. Silotoren, Ketelhuis en Schoonmakerij.
Overview of De Meelfabriek
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Azzurro Wellness stands for well-being in the broadest sense of the word. This spa and wellness centre is a meeting place where the focus is on enjoying physical activity and where visitors feel at home. Quality of life is the leitmotif at Azzurro. Enjoy swimming or fitness, try RPM or yoga, visit the spa or just relax by an open fire with a cup of good coffee. You’ll find everything you need – including meeting facilities with a twist. The centre will offer a wide range of activities for both members and hotel guests.

You can also find Azzurro Wellness in Noordwijk aan Zee. For further information, check out their website at www.azzurrowellness.nl