Situated along the narrow, industrial street below the Silogebouw and the Molengebouw & Riffellokaal will be speciality shops and workspaces such as boutiques, workshops and galleries. These shops will attract visitors and create a lively atmosphere. Instead of large franchises, there will be surprising, creative small businesses that have a link with art, design, crafts or sustainability. 

On the ground and first floors of the Meelpakhuis, a cultural café with books will overlap with space for debate, as well as various studios and shops. Workspaces for service companies will be created at the bottom of the Singeltoren, and those linked with welfare will occupy the upper floors of the Schoonmakerij. The businesses currently using the Poortgebouw offer a glimpse of the diversity and creativity we can expect in the future. 

The details have still to be finalised, but we welcome innovative businesses that wish to set up here. If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch. Mail us at