View over the center of Leiden and beyond with the stunning Dutch sky as a backdrop. There are only a select number of newly built penthouses in De Meelfabriek. They are realized in the newly added layers to the Molengebouw (Mill Building), Riffellokaal (Rolling Hall) and the Meelpakhuis (Flour Warehouse). Their modern architecture is a special addition to the existing industrial buildings.

Penthouses De meelfabriek

These customized penthouses will be completely designed to your own taste and wishes. With surfaces up to 225 m2 there will be enough space left for a loft or another smart and creative design. The Molengebouw and Riffellokaal will be developed first. Construction is expected mid 2016. Right now we are working on the development of the plans. More information about the penthouses and the start of sales will follow soon.