Situated between the Singel canal and Meelfabriek square, the Meelpakhuis will offer 13 lofts and 6 penthouses for sale. The redevelopment of this 1937 building listed as a historic monument is unique. The design is a straight answer to the question of what makes a monument a monument. A critical eye and the courage not to take the easiest route are essential. The result is a design that makes the most of the historical elements and the industrial loft feel, while adding modern luxury and sustainable home comfort. 

Overzichtsplattegrond De Meelfabriek in Leiden Meelpakhuis
Overview of De Meelfabriek

The Meelpakhuis (‘flour warehouse’) was built in a functional style based on a design by the Dutch architect Bernard Buurman. Its name says it all: this building was once used to store flour. All that flour was extremely heavy, which is why mushroom columns were installed for support. In order to highlight the unique rhythmic structure of these powerful columns, the facade of the building is to be stripped off, so to speak, and a slightly recessed glass facade installed. This will allow the column structure to be seen from the outside and will also provide future residents with plenty of light and a stunning view of Leiden.

To ensure a typical loft feel, the interior columns will be kept as unobstructed as possible, without sparing any of the amenities needed for optimum comfort. The glass facade will extend up to the top of the building, creating another three floors, each with two unique penthouses. Thanks to the choice of materials and the design, the modern new structure will blend in with the old building in a quite fascinating way.

The ground and first floors will accommodate speciality shops, studios, a café and cultural activities. Overlooking the Singel canal and Meelfabriek square, this will be a jewel in the crown of the Meelfabriek complex.

The Meelpakhuis will have 14 lofts and 8 penthouses with a floor area of around 135 m² up to 225 m². The ground floor will feature an innovative commercial and cultural concept.


Start of construction late 2019 – completion end 2022

3-APARTMENTS MEELPAKHUIS - 3e, 4e, 5e, 6e, 7e en 8e FLOOR
It is possible to merge two building numbers into one property if you wish to purchase two building numbers.
Bouwnummers E21 en E22
Bouwnummers E91 en E92
Bouwnummers E91 en E92 - dakterras Meelpakhuis
FACADE DRAWING - Singelside: south-east and square side: north-west