Meelfabriek Hotel

De Meelfabriek | Leiden - Foto: Annette Fauchey

Foto: Annette Fauchey


Sleep in the Silo
The former silo building will be transformed into a four-star design. A unique place on the Singel where luxury and service are of paramount importance.

Luxurious sleep at the place where time around 420 tons of flour, accounting for 750 thousand loaves produced daily. The silo building is the most famous building of the flour factory. Hotelier Arjen van den Hof, owner of Vondel Hotels, ventures the step to the remarkable property to build a four-star hotel. He currently has four hotels, two restaurants, eleven apartments and b & nb (bed and no breakfast) in Amsterdam, each with its own identity, but with one common denominator: personalized service and luxury. The hotelier is known for his method which he retains historical characteristics of buildings and merges with strong interior design. Inspiration he receives from other hotels and shops around the world. "But also in everyday life. Everywhere I go, I make pictures. "





Passion, experience and patience
Van den Hof was one of the first partners were involved in the Meelfabriek: "Ab van der Wiel was looking for entrepreneurs with passion, experience and patience. He approached me because of my approach with Hotel De Hallen. This hotel is located in the former tram depot in Old West. The property belongs to the most important industrial heritage of Amsterdam, we have retained appearance. Creating a warm atmosphere in an old industrial tram depot is a challenge, but it's succeeded. That's our idea for the hotel in the Meelfabriek. "The plans for the Meelfabriek speak to him because of the strength of the total. "There is cooperation with tenants and users. Together we complement each other and strengthen each other. Only I would not have got involved. And then the appearance of the building: raw and dynamic. Really beautiful. "

De Meelfabriek | Leiden - Van den Hof van Vondel Hotels

Feeling at home
The special feature of the hotel is that functions overlap. "We want everyone to feel at home in the hotel. The reception will not immediately be at the entrance, but rather down on the ground. As guests or visitors feel no natural barrier to enter the hotel. The lobby will namely also be used for other purposes, such as an exhibition space. "It focuses on the business market and tourists. It gets 70 to 80 rooms and 20 hotel apartments. In order to maintain the industrial character, the chambers cut out of the honeycomb structure of the building. Floors and ceilings are added and the walls of the silos remain pure. Hotel guests, from Leiden and other visitors are also welcome at the sky bar, a restaurant and bar on the eighth and ninth floor with a great view of the city.

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