Art en design


The unique character and architecture of De Meelfabriek attracts visual artists, photographers and filmmakers, playwrights, designers, architects, web designers, graphic designers and other creative people. They are given ample space in the several buildings. The narrow street between the industrial Silogebouw (Silo Building) and the two so-called steel buildings, the Molengebouw (Mill Building) and Riffellokaal (Rolling Hall) is intended for special shops, artists and galleries.

The Ketelhuis (Boilerhouse), the oldest building of the complex, will be transformed into art and cultural center with flexible layout spaces for art, poetry, theater, seminars and workshops. Under the vaulted roof on the top floor is an intimate art house and on the ground floor a foyer. Several buildings will contain office space for creative businesses.

De Meelfabriek | Leiden - Kunst & Design