The first phase started at the end of 2016: new-build apartments for so-called Young Professionals. The industrial lofts in the former Molengebouw and Riffellokaal are currently being realized and are ready for occupation in the second half of 2019. In the plinth of these old factory buildings there will be special shops and galleries. In the summer of 2018 the construction of the 3-level underground parking garage will start. The parking garage will provide the total parking needs of the users and visitors of De Meelfabriek. In this way the terrain remains car-free and there is room for a beautiful square and lots of greenery. De Sinteltoren is on top of the parking garage. Housing apartments will be built in De Singeltoren.

The stages:

Phase 1 Student housing (Young Professionals)

These homes are exclusively for students
57 small apartments, commissioned by DUWO
Start construction: end of 2016, Completion mid-2018

Phase 1a Singeltoren

Apartments of approximately  104 - 252 m².
Completion 2e half of 2021.

Phase 1a Molengebouw en Riffellokaal

Lofts from 100m2 and penthouses.
Completion 2nd half of 2019

Phase 1a Kantoorgebouw en Poortgebouw

Offices for creative companies.
Completed April 2018

Phase 2 Overige gebouwen

For the other buildings additional information will follow.
Start phase 2: 2020