Modern sustainable solutions in monumental buildings
Heat and Cold Storage (ATES) for De Meelfabriek

All buildings in the Meelfabriek area are equipped with sustainable installation techniques. The apartments are therefore no longer dependent on gas. The apartments and offices are equipped with a modern and sustainable heat pump combined with heat and cold storage in the (water) source deep in the ground.

(ATES). These heat pumps provide hot water, heat and cold with very high energy efficiency. Through a combined source system, the heat pumps are supplied with primary energy from the source in the ground for heating and hot water.

The buildings are cooled in the summer with cold from the source, this gives comfort to the climate in the House. In addition, this cooling system is very low in cost. The heat from the House is then saved back to the ground for the winter period.

The energy-saving effects with this ATES installation relate to a traditional installation as 1: 4. This means that the ATES installation is at least 4 times as efficient in energy consumption as a traditional system. CO2 reduction (CO2 is a gas that is a major cause of the greenhouse effect) is therefore a major additional effect of this system.

Good room temperature control in the different rooms, the possibility of high efficiency energy recovery on the ventilation air complement the durable design.

Applying an energy roof on top of the apartments, where solar heat is collected and also stored in the soil, is a feature that adds an additional contribution to the building's durability. As a result of all these measures, there is thus a significant improvement in the energy label of the monumental buildings. The firm of J. van den Burg, of Lisse, carries out an expert design and execution as a BRL6000-21 certified company.