he master plan for the redevelopment of De Meelfabriek is designed by the world famous Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. On the basis of his plan it is the belief that the buildings derive their character from their supporting structure. After the master plan was approved, a mandate was given to the successful Dutch architect Bart Akkerhuis- based in Paris - to update the master plan. The plans of Studio Akkerhuis show that De Meelfabriek is going to be a very special place in Leiden. The public square, the park designed by Piet Oudolf ensures that De Meelfabriek will be interwoven with the city, the water and the future of the Singel Park.

The historic and unique character of the various buildings is maintained while in various places, bright architectural interventions in existing and new buildings ensure their own identity and will be integrated in a unique way. De Meelfabriek is ready for a new future and will secure a place in the hearts of Leiden citizens and its visitors.

Further collaboration with Dutch architect Jan Splinter includes designing apartments for young professionals. Landscape architect Piet Oudolf will design the Meelfabriek Garden and the Meelfabriek Square. Piet Oudolf is, among other, known from the High Line in New York. Once a derelict railway line above the city it is now a hugely popular 2.2 kilometer long city park.

De Meelfabriek | Leiden - Architect Bart Akkerhuis

Bart Akkerhuis

Architect Bart Akkerhuis was a former partner of architect Renzo Piano. He started his own office in 2014 in Paris under his own name: Studio Akkerhuis. The international agency is active in the fields of interior design, architecture and urbanism. Akkerhuis studied Architecture at the Technical University of Delft, where he graduated with honors in 2004.

In the ten years he worked for Renzo Piano Building Workshop he has contributed to projects such as the KPN tower in Rotterdam, the Art Institute in Chicago and he was the project- architect of Europe's tallest building, The Shard at London Bridge in London. This tower was officially opened in June 2012.

In the same year Akkerhuis was responsible for several large-scale projects such as the 620 meter high Yongsan Landmark Tower in Seoul, the M + museum in Hong Kong and the City Centre Project for San Ramon in California.


Jan Splinter

Jan Splinter

After studying at the HTS / TU in Delft (cum laude) Splinter started in 1983, with a friend from college, an architectural firm which was transformed in 1988 into his own office: Splinter Architects bv.

The fame of the agency rose rapidly in the early 90s after the realization of the famous and award-winning residential building on the Morsweg in Leiden. In subsequent years, the agency built up an extensive oeuvre. Spread across the country are some three thousand homes, designed by Splinter, in addition to special buildings. Abroad, he built an eco-park in London as a model project for British housing. In 2008 Splinter was awarded the Environmental Quality Award from the province of Zuid Holland. In his work, he strives for clarity and accuracy. His credo: "Simplicity is the beauty of the true."

Famous works include the Geothermal Power Plant in The Hague SW, the wellness center Azzuro in Noordwijk aan Zee and residential buildings of the Zaan Embankment Project.


Piet Oudolf

Piet Oudolf

Landscape architect Piet Oudolf will design the Meelfabriek Garden. Piet Oudolf is an internationally known Dutch landscape architect who is also called ‘the Rembrandt’ of the gardens.

He designed gardens- from Venice to Chicago and from Stockholm to London. Last year he received the prestigious Prince Bernhard Culture Prize. In November 2014, he received the Rotterdam-Maaskant Prize, for his "creative genius" and the social significance of his projects.

Piet Oudolf is known from the Highline in New York. Once a rundown metro line above the city, it is now a hugely popular, 2.2 kilometer long elevated park.