1 Singeltoren
This new, extraordinarily building includes apartments of about 104 - 252 m² with a view on the city center of Leiden, the Meelfabriek garden and the central square. Situated at the Oosterkerkstraat.

Completion 2e half of 2021

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Molengebouw en Riffellokaal

2 Molengebouw and Riffellokaal lofts & penthouses
The former Molengebouw and the former Riffellokaal, both with an elegant steel structure will be transformed into exquisite lofts. Spacious apartments are for sale from 100 m2, fully customized. On the ground floor will house shops and galleries for creative entrepreneurs with innovative concepts.

Completion 2nd half of 2019

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3 Meelpakhuis lofts & penthouses
In the former Meelpakhuis (Flour Warehouse) where the atmosphere is determined by the robust concrete column structure, a number of lofts will be built about  250 m2. On the ground floor at the waterfront a café-restaurant will be added and on the first floor a showroom for interior design.

Start phase 2: 2020

the Northern Silo building

4 Sillogebouw Azzurro Wellness.
The Northern Silo building will be tansformed into an exclusive spa & wellness, completed by Azzurro that in Noordwijk is already a success.

Start phase 2: 2020

5 Student housing (Young Professionals)
These homes are exclusively for students. Commissioned by DUWO 57 rental apartments are built for (almost) graduates. The apartments come in to realize a new building and overlook the garden and worth Canal.

Start construction: end of 2016, completion mid-2018