The special industrial atmosphere, imposing buildings and the location - close to the historic city center of Leiden - make De Meelfabriek an unique place. We are going to fill this former industrial building with features and buildings that are slightly different. No ordinary apartments but lofts, no big stores, but specialty shops. The master plan for the new Meelfabriek is extensive and covers no less than approximately 45.000 m² of floor space. Old industrial buildings are being revived and new buildings are added.



End 2016 we started the first phase: new apartments for so-called young professionals. October 2017 start the construction of the Singel Tower apartments. Industrial lofts in the former Molengebouw (Mill building) and Riffellokaal (Rolling Hall) will be realized oktober 2017, 2nd quarter 2019 with unique shops and galleries in the plinth, and offices for creative businesses in the former directors office.

Already a preview of what's going to happen:



1 Singeltoren

This new, extraordinarily building includes apartments of about 104 m² - 252 m² with a view on the city center of Leiden, the Meelfabriek garden and the central square. Situated at the Oosterkerkstraat.

Start of construction: October 2017, completion mid 2020. Only a few left for sale.

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2 Molengebouw en Riffellokaal Lofts & penthouses

The former Molengebouw and the former Riffellokaal, both with an elegant steel structure will be transformed into exquisite lofts. Spacious apartments are for sale about 100 m2, fully customized studios can also be arranged in the rooms. On top of the two buildings a number of penthouses are added. The ground floor will house shops and galleries for creative entrepreneurs with innovative concepts.

Start building: October 2017, completion 2nd quarter 2019.
Only a few left for sale.

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3 Appartementen Young Professionals

57 small apartments, commissioned by DUWO, will house post-graduate students. The apartments will be realised in a new building and will overlook the garden of De Meelfabriek.

Start of construction: end 2016, completion mid 2018.

4 De Meelfabriek Tuin

The garden of De Meelfabriek will be a haven in the midst of all the liveliness. The garden is designed by landscape architect Piet Oudolf - known from The High Line in New York.

Start of construction: mid 2018

5 en 6 Kantoren voor creatieve bedrijven

The old Kantoorgebouw (Executive Office) and Poortgebouw (Gate Building) are restored and will function as office space for creative businesses. Unlike traditional offices, they will function as flexible workspaces and studios to meet and work together.

Start of construction: end 2016, completion March 2018

7 Meelpakhuis Lofts & penthouses

In the former Meelpakhuis (Flour Warehouse) where the atmosphere is determined by the robust concrete column structure, a number of lofts will be built. On the ground floor at the waterfront a café-restaurant will be added and on the first floor a showroom for interior design. The new floors of the existing building will house a branch of Wellness Azzzuro in Noordwijk which is already a resounding success: a sports and wellness center with saunas, pool and sports and wellness and related services such as physical therapists and beauticians.

Start Phase 2: 2019

8 Meelfabriek plein

The central square of De Meelfabriek is destined to become a lively and attractive meeting place, designed by the renowned landscape architect Piet Oudolf.

Start Phase 2: 2019

9 Meelfabriek Hotel

The meelfabriek Hotel offers special rooms that are cut out of the honeycomb structure of the Central silo building. Lounging and good food and drink can on the top floor in the sky bar with views of the city.

Start Phase 2: 2019

10 Kantoren voor creatieve bedrijven

Het Noordelijke Silogebouw en de Schoonmakerij met haar betonframe structuur met fraaie betonnen kolommen en liggers, worden getransformeerd tot  flexibel indeelbare kantoorruimte voor creatieve bedrijven.  

Start Phase 2: 2019

11 Azzurro Wellness

The Northern silo building will be transformed to an exclusive spa & wellness, completed by Azzurro, in Noordwijk is it already a success.

Start Phase 2: 2019

12 Kunst en cultuur

The former Ketelhuis (Boilerhouse) is the oldest building of De Meelfabriek. The six spacious floors can be rented for workshops and seminars, theater and art exhibitions. Under the vaulted roof on the top floor is an intimate arthouse and on the ground floor a lively foyer.

Start Phase 2: 2019